Wear one of our Mati (evil eye) or Goats designs on a cloth face mask.

Or sport our Greek embroidery design!


Each of our face masks is made from high-quality, air flowing fabric. These masks are meant for ADULTS but are also available for kids as well. See separate listing. 


Quilted Fabric

These masks are made from a Poly-blend printed Quilted Jersey Knit fabric. They are made of a tightly knitted face and backed with a layer of wadding in between. The surface has a stamped quilted effect.


How to Measure For Your Face Mask (sizes may vary):

* Measure from the bridge of the nose to behind the ear (roughly 7.5") 

* Measure from the bridge of the nose to just below the chin (roughly 5.5")

* These masks are handmade and sizes may vary from design to design.


Caring for your mask

We would advise that you wash them before the first use, and after every use. These masks can be washed at up to 140°F to keep your mask hygienic. Please avoid tumble drying, and hang dry instead, to ensure the highest long-lasting quality.


These face masks are NOT medical-grade masks. Please DO NOT purchase face masks under the assumption that they will prevent infection from Coronavirus. These masks are meant to protect others around you and to reduce spread. Due to the personal hygiene nature of this product, face masks are non-returnable, and ARE FINAL SALE.


    Adult Quilted Masks