The Invitation Process

Browse through the Collection Designs on either the BABY or WEDDING pages and see if one suits your style - or we can custom design something that is exactly YOU! Confirm the number of suites you'll be needing and the types of pieces you might be interested in. To make things easier, we bundled the most commonly ordered pieces in tiered packages below. Letterpress and foil printed invitations have a minimum order of 50 total invitations. As you consider your invitation needs, please scroll below and review the various services that we offer.

All invitation stationery requires planning and time to get it just perfect! Between the design phase where we'll go back and forth designing and reviewing proofs, to the printing phase, and all the steps in between, we have lots to do! Letterpress and foil are labor-intensive printing processes and will require more time. Please keep that in mind when inquiring. 

Step 1 - Choose your design option

Custom Design

For clients who want the most unique invitation, I offer custom designs. Choosing to work with me on a custom design allows me to create your design and artwork from scratch, specifically tailored to your style. Here is where we can literally create your heart's desires!

Collection Design

For clients who already love one of our existing designs, this is for you! They are carefully designed to evoke a sweet emotion and set the tone for your special day. Pricing for Collection Design orders includes changing the wording, colors, fonts, and placement (to some degree).

Step 2 - Choose your package

Tier 1

Tier 1 package includes the following:

  • invitations + envelope

Tier 2

Tier 2 package includes the following:

  • invitations + envelope

  • response card + envelope

Tier 3

Tier 3 package includes the following:

  • invitations + envelope

  • response card + envelope

  • one enclosure card

Step 3 - Choose your printing method



Ink is applied to a raised image

or text area, and then pressed against paper transferring the

ink and design, and leaving

a slight kiss impression.

A shiny foil film is imprinted

into the paper using heat, pressure, and metal dies.

The typical print method you're probably thinking of where ink

is placed onto the paper by a digital press. No color limitations.

Any combination of the

three other styles.

Ex: foil + letterpress or

digital and letterpress, etc.

Step 4 - Additional Services

#220 Double Ply Paper

Letterpress Return Address Printing

Rubber Return

Address Stamp

Custom Map

Belly Bands

For a more luxurious invite select this heavy, double ply, cotton paper.

Edge Painting

Return addresses will be one-color letterpress printed on

the back flap of the outer envelope, and/or front of

the response envelope in coordinating fonts.

Wax Seal

A return address stamp is a practical and economical way to add your return address to both the outer envelopes and the response envelopes! An ink pad in your choice of color is included.

Envelope Liner

A custom map will be

created from scratch

to coordinate

with your suite. 

Full Assembly

Belly bands are a beautiful and simple way to tie together all the pieces of your invitation. They can be vellum or solid colored paper. And we can print a monogram or design on them as well.

Vintage Stamps

Painting the edges of #220 double ply paper to give that extra pop of color.

Use a wax seal to close together a belly band or add an embellishment to your invitation.

Line your A7 envelopes with a pop of color. Pricing includes Cartoules Press labor to line envelopes.

Invitations and coordinating items will be assembled.

 The full suite will be ready to be addressed by you and delivered to the post office.

Vintage stamps on your outer envelopes tie in your invitation colors and add something special that will be noticed right away!